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Here’s sweet Chance and would do best as an only dogs since he loves the attention! He was in a shelter for many months where he was pacing for hours- He was adopted by a very nice lady but can’t keep him any longer and he has only until Friday the 27th of October. Chance is 7 years old and 57LBS.

This is a note from his current Mom:

I call him Chancy and he knows his name. I’ve been working with him daily and he’s learning all his commands. I use both hand signals and words and he responds to both. He knows sit, come, drop it, down, and needs more help with lie down and heel.
He’s a sweet dog who tries very hard to please me. He loves to cuddle especially at bedtime. He has a stuffed teddy bear he loves to carry around and loves tennis balls. Play time for him is early morning and after dinner. He needs a lot of exercise and is very strong and muscular. He has learned to run around outside and comes back to me in a few minutes. Of course I only let him run before meals and watch him closely. He loves to eat so responds quickly then.
He loves to look out my screened lanai windows and is great with new people. When we first got him he was afraid to walk on the grass and hates the wet grass in the morning.
He does have a stubborn streak and sometimes he just stands looking at me. If I use the right voice and hand signals he responds better and better. He’s very smart and just wants to please.
He’ll need to continue his training and needs constant attention when outside. He has several scars and has had a tough life but with lots of loving he’s a great dog! His adoption fee is $50.00