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Moctoc (3 years old- 60LBS)is a beautiful Husky who is in a foster home right now but cant stay- The foster’s dog is not good with dogs and too dangerous for Moctoc . if we can’t find an adopter/foster he will go back to shelter and will be euthanized. He is a doll and was groomed yesterday- Wanted kisses from everybody at the groomer and put his head on the lap on the way back in the car- He is a total sweetheart- will do fine with other dogs but no cats-
If you can save him please contact us ASAP- we are running out of time for Moctoc.
Foster notes: 5/15 He likes to cuddle and will nudge you for affection. He knows sit, “sit pretty”, down, and paw. He’s potty trained for the most part. He’s good with other dogs but will sometimes resource guard. He’s relaxed for the most part, mainly just wanting to follow you around. When he gets excited , he lets out a little howl. Moctoc is also gentle when taking food from your hands. Great on leash, kennel trained but wants to be with you.
Not a runner! Very gentle
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