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Little Tinita is 8 years old and was brought to the shelter after her pet parent got sick with dementia. This was only to find out she is heart worm positive and was left outside for most of her life. She is only 13 LBS and looks like a little Italian greyhound with her skinny legs. She had patches on her head when she came in. The people that brought her in however were not sorry or sad in any way. A dog should not stay outside with the amount of mosquitoes Florida has. Now, she can be pampered at her new foster parents Mary and Gary’s house. Tinita will be going through the treatment for heart worm disease and we hope she makes it because the treatment is very hard on pets. It mainly contains a total of 3 shots which is very tough for our 4 legged friends. If you are interested to meet this little one in the future please email us at Thanks for thinking of her.