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Very handsome boy was found as a stray and end it up in a shelter on death row. Was his last few hours until we decided to take him. He is 5 years old and 65LBS- He was listed as a GMS but might have some A note from his foster Mom Patricia: Hello, My name is Caius. I am a mixed breed dog. I could possibly be a bit of German Shepard/ Lab mix. A test will determine for exactness. I am less than 4 years old. I am potty trained, cubby trained, and cat trained. The shelter had fixed me, so I am not able to replicate my cuteness. My foster mom has been taking very good care of me and will continue to do so until I am able to find my forever home. I enjoy long walks and on weekends, I get to have a pup cup. I love hugs and laying on the couch with my humans. I would love to eat what my human eats, but she is insistent that I only have kibble mixed with a little bit of water. I do tend to bark at some dogs when walking, but I am only trying to make friends. It’s just how I communicate. My human said I need to work on that. I love attention from other people. I love when they talk and pet me. My Foster Mom has three cats, so I had to learn that I am not the king of the castle. They are not as playful as I would like them to be. All they want to do is sleep. I on the other hand want to play. So, here are my requests for my future human parents. I want to be the king of the castle. I will settle for a friendly, playful dog brother/ sister. Long walks twice a day- I need to burn off energy. Pup cups once a week- I do not want to gain unnecessary weight. A doggy bone for going into my cubby. Lots of hugs and kisses! My own couch or being able to sit and lay with my human while we watch T.V. Keeping my health check ups to date. I hope you can seriously consider me. If you are interested please fill out the application to adopt. His adoption fee is $200 – He is uptodate on his vaccines, micro and is neutered.