Find a Home Give a Home - Pet Rescue

A couple days ago we went to the shelter to look at dogs who were going to be euthanized for behavior. The stress is unbelievable there and many dogs do not make it out due to that. Three ladies came in and turned in 4 cats and 2 dogs to the shelter and were filling out the paper work. One of the little ones was so scared he could hear and smell the other dogs in cages and you could feel he was losing it. At that time because the space and the size of the dog, the staff reached out to us and asked if we could take him right on the spot. It is a very scary place for tiny dogs. If you looked closer in his eyes you can see the fear. Entering is one thing, coming out is more complicated. We spent some time meeting him and after a few minutes he came to us to smell us. Then the staff took him and he was fine behind the desk. He will be neutered on Monday and will be available to be adopted right away. He is a Chiweeny. He is adorable. Good with other dogs, kids and cats. He is vaccinated, neutered and micro. His adoption fee is $200.00 If you are interested in helping that little guy who almost didn’t make it please fill out the application online. (His nails were like this when we saw him, this photo was taken at the shelter)