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Get ready to fall in love with Jack (Little Terrier 8.7LBS, born April 9th 2023), the irresistibly cute and energetic puppy. Jack’s playful nature knows no bounds as he eagerly engages in games and adventures. Not only does he effortlessly get along with both dogs and cats, but he’s also currently undergoing potty training, showing his commitment to being a well-behaved companion. With Jack by your side, get ready for boundless joy, laughter, and heartwarming moments that will create cherished memories for years to come, not to mention cuteness overload experienced throughout your day ? if you would like to adopt Jack please fill out the application online. We do not adopt our dogs to family with young children for the safety for both dogs and child. If you are a senior please adopt a more mature dog. Many senior dogs are waiting in shelters. We do not adopt out of state unless you have a second home in Florida. His adoption fee is $580. comes with shots and is neutered.