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Caboose is the luckiest boy ever. He was found on a train track stuck between the rail. That night a train was scheduled to pass and Caboose was going to be killed right there on the track. A gentleman was eating his lunch and saw him hanging. He called Domestic Animal services and 45 mn later they came and took him out of the rail. Caboose was such in a bad place. His skin was full of mites. He was scratching non stop. He was a mess and his skin was inflamed. He end it up at the shelter and was going to be euthanized due to his condition. No one was coming for him. Poor Guy. He was tested with other dogs and was great. No issues with anyone either. Just a good boy. So we took him in the rescue and after a couple of visits to the Veterinarian he is now ready for adoption. If you can spare a little room in your heart and in your home please consider Caboose. He is heartworm negative and of course completely vetted.