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Jordan is under a year old- 22 LBS and is a great little one who was hit by a car and almost lost her leg. A note from her foster Mom Ruthie:

Hi my name is Jordan the dog. Despite all the bad things that have happened to me, I’m a happy girl. The rescue picked me up from the pound when I had a broken leg and I couldn’t use my leg at all. But now my leg is better, and I can use it and run and jump and play like I used to be able to do.
I love my foster mom so much. All I want is to please her and do right by her and make her happy and be a good girl. I love all the attention and affection I can get from my foster mom and seek it out regularly. She tells me I’m a good girl and a smart girl all the time. I would do anything to protect my foster mom because I love her so much.

I love my foster brother and sisters and their cats. I am a little shy and will warm up quickly. I’ll love you too. I promise I’ll be a good girl if you adopt me. I’m really looking forward to finding my forever family and my forever home. Please come meet me and consider adopting me.

Her adoption fee is $200.00- Please remember she had surgery which was over 4K. If you are interested in adopting a very nice and sweet girl please fill out the application. Thanks for rescuing.