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Little Libby was used to breed. She is in foster care and needs a great home. Libby is approximately 5 years old (might be younger) and 8LBS-
Little note from her foster Dad:

Libby is a petite bundle of joy with a zest for life and a heart full of love. Her favorite pastimes include sprinting around the backyard, chasing after her beloved toys, and enjoying leisurely tummy rubs that make her tail wag with sheer delight. When she’s not romping around, Libby adores snuggling up close for some quality cuddle time or reveling in the bliss of gentle neck scratches.

Libby has a medium-high energy level, perfect for both playtime adventures and cozy evenings curled up on the couch with her favorite humans. Libby is making fantastic progress with her potty training and is eager to continue learning in her forever home. She’s already embracing her newfound freedom with enthusiasm and is excited to explore the world around her with her new family by her side.

If you’re searching for a sweet and affectionate canine companion who’s as content frolicking in the yard as she is lounging on the sofa, then Libby is the perfect match for you. Come meet this precious poodle and discover the joy of having her as part of your family!
Her adoption fee is $980.00 which include a dental.
We would like an active lifestyle for little Libby. Please note we had to spay, vaccinate and do her dental.