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Joan of Arc LOL is 2 years old and 22 LBS- As you can see she is petite and super cute. She was used to breed and is now spayed and will live the good life. She has a friend “Mary Antoinette” who needs rescue as well. They have a lot of energy and loves to play. This is what her foster Mom as to say:

Sweet Joan just wants all the attention. She’s a very curious gal with a big heart and lots of love to give. She spends her days playing with her friend Marie in her fenced in yard. Sometimes we get very excited and all my foster mom has to do is give a whistle and I come to a hault. I’m still working on walking with a leash but I love the fenced in yard to get my zoomies out. She would do really well with someone that would let her be the center of attention. We are working on potty training. She gets so excited with her humans that she sometimes forgets that potty time is for outside. If you’re looking for love and affection then this is your girl. 
Her adoption fee is $1,100- Please remember that Little Joan will be helping her other friends in the rescue like Nella who was less fortunate and needs a prosthetic leg after being amputated. The cuties help the less fortunate in rescue. Part of her adoption fee will go toward Nella recovery.
We do not adopt our of the state unless you have a second home in Florida. You can make an application directly on our site