Find a Home Give a Home - Pet Rescue

We started to work with breeders who could not sell their dogs because of their age. The window for those dogs are generally very short and if not sold after a couple of months they are either resold to another breeder or go to a dog fighting ring. Last weekend we took 9 pups who have been living in cages and had not been exposed to the world. They are great with people and other pets but are scared of the outside. It will take a couple of months to change that. One thing that still amazes me is the amount of resilience the dogs have. With love, attention, and food the dogs are changing so rapidly. The main issue we are finding is the parasites they all had when they arrived which needs to be treated right away. Between Giardia and hookworms. All our dogs  go to the veterinarian right after they arrive. They are dewormed and get the meds they need to start feeling better. They have been under-fed and will need some extra food to gain some weight. Being free of worms will be helpful as well. In general we never know what most of our dogs are going to look like until the doors open. Most of them are terrified and don’t know what is going on. It is so funny when I talk to a new foster- it feels like making a shady deal in a parking lot. All waiting patiently until the car door opens and we see the little faces appears. That is the best part. The pups that we have are vaccinated and will be spayed and neutered. Getting 10 dogs at a time is not an easy task. We are all so happy to help and save lives. All our fosters are screened and we make sure the dogs will get everything they need during their stay. We are not a big Rescue but we do our share for sure. I can tell you we are all wiped out at the end of the day from the transporter who drives hours to all of us checking applications. Thanks to all of you who makes these rescues possible!!