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Noir was a stray and unfortunately end it up in a shelter where he was able to pass all the test for him to get adopted however after a couple of months being in a cage he was loosing his mind. It is called Kennel Rage and many dogs get depressed and very reactive after being locked up. I had met him a couple of months and he was gentle and played well with other dogs. He was actually submissive and took correction from other dogs very well. Our volunteer Jill took Noir out of the shelter with her pack to see how he would be doing in a home. He is wonderful. He is great with other dogs even little ones. He is a big cuddle bug and no issues. He plays great with other dogs. It is temporary and we know that if he goes back to the shelter he will be put down due to stress again. We are desperately looking for a home for him. You will love him!!! He was tested with cats and was scared of them. Helping would be very special- Being in a home with a friend would all make us very happy- if you can help please email us ASAP at
He is 54LBS- shelter thinks he is 2 but we do believe he is younger.