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Annie is a toy Poodle who is an owner surrender after her Dad had health issues. Please remember she has to be the Queen of the house!! Loves other dogs and share her toys. The only thing that might be an issue with children is that Annie is food protective. So please no young children. We are looking for an active family who will take her everywhere. Dog park, beach, restaurants, RV she is used to that. just a great little traveler. We made a promise and wants to keep our words so we will need to a great Adoptor for a little baby girl!!! She is a riot and this is how her previous Mom described her:
Annie is an adorable red and white 5-6 pound toy poodle. She is 4 years old. She is definitely a lap dog or share the chair dog. Being a poodle, she is very smart, quick to learn, food motivated and has moments of high energy. She is possessive of her toys and plays with them by play growling, shaking them and running with them in her mouth. She thinks she is the boss, but will listen to stern commands. She very much enjoys being outside and going for walks, although she will sit down when she thinks she should be carried.
She dislikes being groomed or having her nails clipped. I believe her skin is extremely sensitive to any discomfort. We cannot groom her without getting nipped at. It takes a patient and kind and well trained groomer to get it done. But unfortunately, due to a breathing illness, we cannot take her in to the vet or care for her properly and she deserves and needs so very much more! Annie is a ball of squirming love and kisses when we get up in the morning or come home from being gone for a bit. She is completely house trained with regular walks or bathroom times. She will let you know if she really needs to go out. She is also very talkative at times and a bit sassy. We will be sad we couldn’t do more for her, but she needs people who can socialize her and can take her wherever they want to go. Please allow Annie a better life. Thank you.
If you are interested in adopting Annie please fill out the application online at
Her adoption $950.00 includes a dental which she needs at this time.